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<pToday, the health-conscious lifestyle is becoming more prevalent. Excessive work pace, stressful environment, poor lifestyle, just to name a few, have a negative impact on the body. In order to achieve change, it is important among others to change attitudes and to pay attention to ourselves and to our health.

Medical check for managers recommended to

To all individuals or employers who wish to protect their health or those of their employees, and to keep an eye on changes in their state of health: if diseases are detected on time, there is a chance of recovery. Those who are well-balanced and physically and mentally balanced can deal better with problems in all areas of life, they are not afraid of new tasks and maintain their performance and motivation. It is important to every employer that employees do not fail due to a short or long-term illness.

Benefits of the the medical check for managers provided by BLESZ

Excellent equipments - good location

Excellent equipments - good location

The Belváros-Lipótváros health service is one of the best-equipped medical facilities in the country, easily accessible due to its location in the heart of the city center. Our clients include well-known companies, banks and hotels as well as public institutions and authorities.

Sicknesses recognized on time

Sicknesses recognized on time

We believe that regular check-ups with us will help detect diseases in time. Anomalies noticed at the beginning of the disease can most likely be successfully cured.

3 common and dangerous diseases that can be detected in time by the Medical check for managers



Osteoporosis means the deterioration of the mass, quality and function of bones. Mostly women after climax are affected, typically at the age of 50-60 years.

Frequent fractures are the result. In old age, every third woman and every sixth man suffers from this disease.

During our life, bone tissue is constantly being built up and broken down. If the bone loss is larger than the structure, we speak of osteoporosis.

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